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Sequence of Events

Chrono Cross

Day One
  • Serge wakes up
• visit Leena on the pier
• gather Komodo scales
• go to Opassa Beach
• get pulled into Another World
• visit Arni
• visit Cape Howl
• meet Kid
• fight Karsh
• return to Arni to rest

Serge's first day is pretty straightforward. We see him wake in the morning and follow his actions throughout the day until sunset.

Day Two
  • travel through Fossil Valley
• explore Termina
• hire a guide
• go to Viper Manor
• wait until nightfall
• infiltrate the manor
• fight Lynx
• escape off balcony

At this point it is not important to list which guide is chosen. All in all it doesn't matter. The newly formed group will depart in the daylight and choose to wait until it is dark to take any further action. Like the last day, this is pretty straightforward.

Day Three
  • awake in Guldove
• see that Kid is poisoned
• travel to Home World's Hydra Marshes
• fight the dwarves and the Hydra
• collect the hydra humour
• return to Another World's Guldove
• give the humour to Doc
• rest


Day Four
  • return to Termina
• speak to Glenn
• sail to Hermit's Hideaway
• fight Harle
• speak to Radius
• sail into the fog
• meet Fargo aboard the S.S. Invincible
• battle ghosts

I should note that I was initially hesitant to list these events under Day Four. I am still debating whether or not Kid would require an extra day to recover from her poisoning. The game doesn't suggest she spent an extra day in bed for this purpose but it is hard to imagine her being able to fight so soon after receiving the medicine. Also, I can't recall at this time whether the group spends the night in Radius' hut before departing again. If they do, then not a lot was accomplished on Day Four. Instead I have them board Fargo's ship in the afternoon and awake during the night when the real ghost ship arrives.

Day Five
  • travel to Water Dragon Isle
• save the faeries from the dwarves
• speak with the Water Dragon
• see Kid's flashback
Notes none
Day Six
  • return to Arni
• travel through Mount Pyre
• fight the devas
• enter Fort Dragonia
• fight General Viper and Lynx
• get sent to the dimensional distortion
Notes none
Day Seven
  • awake in the dimensional distortion as Lynx
• meet Sprigg
• exit distortion with Harle and Sprigg
• return to Arni (Home World)
• fight Radius
• go to Termina
• meet Norris at Viper Manor
• depart for Marbule
• rest at Marbule
• hear Irenes cry during the night


Day Eight
  • sail to S.S. Zelbess
• gamble with Fargo
• fight the Sage
• speak with Nikki
• go to Death's Door
• Masamune blocks entrance
• go to Isle of the Damned
• fight Garai's ghost
• retrieve the Einlanzer
• rest
Notes It is difficult to say how long Serge's team spent aboard the S.S. Zelbess.  I initially thought it would take up the entire afternoon, but later determined that with an early start Serge could be on his way to Death's Door well before sunset.  That would leave just enough time to recover the Einlanzer before turning in for the night.
Day Nine
  • enter the Dead Sea
• meet and fight Miguel
• Dead Sea is destroyed
• ride the Sky Dragon to Marbule
• return to main island to rest

Finding themselves in such a strange area, Serge's group was likely very cautious and took plenty of time to explore it.  After leaving Marbule Serge could return to Arni for a well deserved rest.

Day Ten
  • cross to Another World
• find Porre occupying Termina
• enter Viper Manor via sewers
• rescue Riddel
• fight Grobyc and Guillot
• escape the manor
• retreat to Hermit's Hideaway


Day Eleven
  • Dark Serge attacks
• flee to S.S. Invincible
• speak to Harle at the Pearly Gates
• meet with the Sky Dragon
• cross to Home World
• watch Nikki's concert
• clear Marbule of dream spirits
• prepare for dragon battles

After learning that his goal is to challenge the six Dragon Gods, it may seem strange for Serge to immediately help Nikki in performing his concert.  Yet this side-quest must be completed before fighting the dragons if the Black Dragon is to awaken.  Not only that, but it helps to heal the rift between humans and demi-humans. I believe Serge would voluntarily undertake this task and spend the remainder of the evening preparing for the upcoming battles.

Day Twelve - Seventeen
  • fight the six Dragon Gods

Here is where it gets very confusing.  It is impossible for me to judge exactly how many dragons Serge can defeat in a single day.  I don't believe it is possible for him to defeat them all in one day.  He simply isn't that strong.  Then I had to consider how much of a rest Serge would need between battles.  Also the distance between islands must be taken into account since Serge will spend some hours of the day travelling.  If I recall Serge doesn't even know where all the dragons are.  He has general ideas, but he is bound to come across a dead-end every once in a while.  Does Serge's group divide to take on multiple dragons simultaneously?  It would seem to me that if it is Serge who is seeking their blessing they would only be willing to test him, not a group of his friends.  At this point I lean toward one dragon battle per day.  Also, if I am wrong, this gives him a some extra time to put toward finishing up any loose ends should be be done early.  

Day Eighteen
  • return to Guldove (Home World)
• speak with Steena
• enter Fort Dragonia
• fight Dark Serge
• regain Serge's body
• fight Dario
• receive the Mastermune

We don't know for certain when Serge chose to fight Dario, or even how he came across him in his adventures. Most players usually wait until Serge gets his true body back before engaging in this battle. That being the case, I have listed that event under this day. Also, I have chosen to have Serge not rush into the Sea of Eden immediately upon regaining his form.  Knowing full well Dark Serge would be waiting within and unsure of what else he may find, I imagine Serge would choose to depart early in the morning rather than halfway through this day. Instead, the remainder of this day could be spent recruiting new allies and undertaking any remaining sub-quests.

Day Nineteen
  • enter Sea of Eden and Chronopolis
• fight FATE
• the dragons merge into Time Devourer
• use Dragon Tears to form the Chrono Cross
• return to Hermit's Hideaway
• enter Kid's past
• save Kid from the fire
• enter Terra Tower
• fight the Time Devourer
• escape

A very long day, if I do say so myself. I would imagine Serge would depart early for the Sea of Eden and spend much of the morning exploring Chronopolis. The dragons would merge sometime in the afternoon (as seen in the cinema) while the group retreats to the S.S. Invincible. The remainder of the daylight hours would be spent forging the Chrono Cross at Divine Dragon Falls and then rescuing Kid from her coma. That night Serge would fly to Terra Tower using the anti-gravity device from Starky's ship. Most of the night would be spent inside the tower and the group would escape in the dawn hours as the tower takes on its final shape (see cinema).

Day Twenty
  • return to Opassa Beach (Home World)
• enter the Darkness Beyond Time
• battle the Time Devourer
• rescue Schala

Considering how long the previous day was, Serge likely took a long break at his home in Arni in the morning after escaping from Terra Tower.  After awakening, he could then travel to Opassa Beach to learn of the Time Devourer and Schala. From there he could use the Time Egg, engage the Time Devourer, and eventually free Schala.


Notice there are a few key events that I neglected to include on my chart.  The first being the retrieval of a Star Fragment and the recruitment of Starky.  Chrono Cross has a unique way of being both a linear and non-linear game at the same time. After acquiring Korcha's boat, the entire archipelago is opened up to the player all at once. A goal is present, but the player can take as much time as he desires in exploring the islands and completing sub-quests. Likewise, he can choose to undertake certain quests at his leisure. The recruitment of Starky is essential to the story since it is he who makes it possible for Serge to enter Terra Tower. However since this event can be done at any time I hesitated to include it under a set day. We might assume Serge found the Star Fragment in his search for the six dragons and eventually found Starky in the course of that week. Another thing that was omitted from my list was the recruitment of many other characters.  For example, Serge (as Lynx) could easily journey to Guldove in Another World to fight Orlha halfway through the game. However, this event is not critical to the story and would take Serge a little out of his way. As it is optional I have left it to the reader to choose a date where such an event could be performed, or as I would tend to think, the event would be played out sometime during Days Twelve - Seventeen while Serge is gathering clues as to the locations of the dragons. Lastly, the fighting of Dario I have placed under Day Eighteen. As noted, this optional event could have been accomplished earlier in the adventure, or be omitted entirely. Since I had time remaining that day I found it fitting to be placed there.

As in Chrono Trigger, we have to consider travel times here. Luckily the map in Chrono Cross is more to scale which makes judging distance quite a bit easier. I would estimate the main island of El Nido to be about 4 miles in diameter (from its Northwestern to Southeastern points). Using this measurement as a guide, I discovered the distance between El Nido's Eastern and Western boundaries to be 15 miles. The distance from its Southern to Northern most points is 12 miles.  Each island appears to be about 2 - 4 miles apart from it's nearest neighboring island. If we assume Serge had decent weather throughout his adventure (as the game indicates) and a sufficient 4 mph breeze, then he might make the trip between islands in a about an hour.  As you can see from these figures, Serge should not have spent great portions of any one day in transit. In either case, you can see the maps I have made the calculations on.

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