El Nido Distances

Below I have included three maps of El Nido indicating how  far I believe the islands may be in relation to one another and how I made my measurements. For this page I have used the example of four miles, but seeing as how the diagonal distance of the main island need not be exactly this figure, feel free to substitute it for a number more to your liking. The lower two maps have the figures to scale, meaning each horizontal or vertical segment marking 4 miles corresponds to the size of the main island on that map. Subsequently, you can use the equations:

3(x)  =  vertical distance
3(x) + 0.75(x)  =  horizontal distance

In this case x being the diagonal diameter of the main island.  So for instance, if you feel the main island is only 3 miles in diameter you can substitute that number in for x to determine the desired distance.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to express thanks to Final Fantasy Insider for providing both maps of El Nido. To see the full-color originals and other interesting media please visit their site at:


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