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Chrono Trigger Script
~ The End of Time ~

The End of Time


Where are we?

Old Man

Ah, more guests…!


What do you mean, "guest"…? And, WHERE are we?

Old Man

Why, this is "The End of Time," of course! All lost travelers in time wind up here! Now, where are you from?


We’re from Guardia Kingdom, circa 1000 A.D.


I come from 2300 A.D…

Old Man

When 4 or more beings step into a time warp, the Conservation of Time theorem states that they will turn up… …at the space-time coordinates of least resistance. Here. Disturbances in the space-time continuum have increased recently. Far too many folks are just popping in here… I fear something is having a powerful effect on the very fabric of time…


Which means one of us has to remain here.



Old Man

It is pretty bleak here… But not to worry. All time periods connect here… You can visit your friends whenever you wish! But you can never travel in groups greater than 3...


So, one of us must stay.


Who’ll it be, Crono?
      (following said by member left behind)


      (on the PS version)
See you around.
      (or on the Nintendo)
Decide, Crono!


Now don’t you go
getting any ideas, mister!


Please come for me
whenever you need me.

Old Man

…So there you have it. Don’t forget. Press the Y Button to switch party members.


How do we get back to our time?

Old Man

You see those lovely pillars of light? Those hook you up to different eras. Once you’ve been through a Gate, you can always use it to come here. To use a Gate from here, step into the light and press the A Button. But beware the Gate which leads from that bucket…

      (if Crono heads toward light pillars)

Hey. Don’t be in such a rush! Before you go, take a peek inside the room behind me!

Spekkio's Room


What’re you lookin’ at? I’m Spekkio. The Master of War! I’ve seen all kinds of battles from here.
How do I look to you guys?
      • Strong!  »  I see. Let’s put it this way. If you’re strong, I look strong. If you’re weak, I look weak.
      • Weak!  »  (same answer)

You are strong of will…! That’s why the Old One let you through. Long before you were born… …there was a kingdom where magic flourished. Everyone there could use it! But in time, people began to abuse their powers. It got so bad that no one was allowed to use magic except wizards. But you have it…determination, I mean! Magic needs power of the heart. It needs inner strength. Magic is divided into 4 types: Lightning, Fire, Water, & Shadow.

      (to Crono)
You, with the punk hairdo! You’re "Lightning."

      (to Marle)
The one with the ponytail is "Water."

      (to Lucca)
The one with the goofy glasses is "Fire."

      (to Robo)
That’s the biggest toy I’ve ever seen… Hey, you’re not alive, are you?! You’ve got great strength, however, since I can’t measure your inner character, I can’t give any magic to you. But your laser weapons will suffice. They can inflict "Shadow" type damage.

Not just magic, but EVERYHTING is based on the balance of these 4 powers. Think "MAGIC," and, starting from the door, walk clockwise along the walls of my room 3 times. Don’t lose track, now.

      (if unsuccessful)

No cheating! I’m watching! Do it over! From the door, clockwise along the wall, 3 times!

      (if successful)

Very good! Ipso facto, meeny moe… MAGICO!

      (Crono/Marle/Lucca learns to use magic!)
      (Robo can’t use magic!)

So! Fortified with magic! Wanna try it out?
      • Yes.  »  All right! (battle begins)

                           (if victorious)

                     HEHEHEHE!! I WIN!

                           (if defeated)

                     GRRRR… That was most embarrassing! Harrumph… Don’t make a habit of this.
                     Here, this is for you. (gets Spekkio special refresher set)
                     I AM the Master of War! Whew! Sometimes I scare myself!
      • No.  »  (skip to following line)

You guys are too much! Bring newcomers to meet me!

      (if approached again)

Hi! Looking for some practice?
      • Yes.  »  All right! (battle)
      • No.  »  Any time, friends. Remember, I’M the Master of War!

End of Time

Old Man

Hey. Well, well! People who lived long ago ALL enjoyed such powers… Now, I know you are itching to go ripping back and forth through time, but first you need to return to your own era. And you must hurry. The longer you remain here, the harder it will be to change that which must be changed… Stop by whenever you’re in the area!

      (if Crono tries to use the bucket)

That Gate leads to 1999 A.D… It leads to the "Day of Lavos"… Go there only if you’re looking to achieve a shorter life span… Lavos will help you leave this mortal coil

Meeting Site


Where you from? Why you here? Kino no like you!


#1:  Strong one become chief. Man, woman, child, no matter. Chief of Ioka, big muscles!

#2:  Laruba clan hide in north woods. Always hide, run from Reptites. Weaklings!

#3:  We fight Reptites. Laruba clan no fight Reptites.



#1:  Laruba clan call Dactyl. Fly in sky! We no can call Dactyl, no can fly.

#2:  You came from mountain? Many strange things happen there. That’s why name Mystic Mountain.

             (after talking to Kino)

       Find baby Kino crying on mountain too. Chief raise Kino. Now chief’s right arm.

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