El Nido's Location

As you can see, I have slightly edited the original Chrono Trigger world map in order to display what I believe to be the approximate location of El Nido. The clues to the islands’ location are scant as all that is really known is the archipelago is west of Porre. This does little to pinpoint the correct position but I surmised from the tropical climate seen in Chrono Cross that the islands might rest near the planet’s equator. More detailed information may be revealed at a future date so this map is only tentative, but I believe it is a good estimation. Note that the map was not created to scale; El Nido is much like the proverbial "needle in a haystack" as it is undoubtedly incredibly small in contrast to the main continents and would be very difficult to locate in the vast waters that surround it. For further information surrounding the origin of El Nido and its absence from the Chrono Trigger map please consult the Inquiries page.  

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