•• Spoiler Warning: this page contains detailed plot information ••

Sequence of Events

Chrono Trigger

Day One
  • Crono wakes up
• visit the Millennial Fair
• meet Marle
• use Telepod
• go to 600 AD
• visit the King and Marle
• re-meet Lucca
• visit the cathedral
• meet Frog
• explore the cathedral
• defeat Yakra
• find Marle
• stay overnight to rest

It is likely Crono's first day was rather rushed. Not only did he have to contend with being in a new century, but the fate of Marle and the future Kingdom of Guardia depending upon his rescuing of Queen Leene.  Both he and Lucca knew that seconds were precious and they likely spent the entire night at the cathedral in the search for the missing queen before any harm befell her.

Day Two
  • return to 1000 AD
• take Marle to the castle
• Crono gets arrested

We know Crono is accused of kidnapping the moment he enters Guardia Castle. He is likely then kept in a holding cell until a trial date is set.  When, is uncertain.

Day Three
  • go to court
• Crono is found guilty/innocent
• Crono is sent to jail

We have no way of knowing whether Crono's trial was set for the day after his capture or if he had to wait for some days before preparations were complete.  It is likely the latter occurred, yet we have no way of knowing just how long Crono remained waiting. The wheels of justice grind at a slow pace, but given the seriousness of the crime we might assume this case took top priority.  Regardless, I have charted the trial as taking place on the third day of Crono's adventure, but bear in mind this was probably not the case.

Day Four
  • wait in jail

In the game the player is given the option to remain in his cell or to escape.  I rather doubt Crono could successfully execute a prison break considering the shear number of prison guards he would face.  I prefer to wait for Lucca's arrival, but it is possible Squaresoft intended for Crono to flee early.  If that is the case we can say the three days for which Crono was imprisoned may be skipped. 

Day Five
  • wait in jail
Notes none
Day Six
  • execution date
• Lucca rescues Crono
• escape the prison
• fight the Dragon Tank
• flee the castle into the Gate
• appear in 2300 AD
• explore Bangor/Trann Dome
• rest for the night
Notes none
Day Seven
  • explore Lab 16
• visit Arris Dome
• fight the Guardian
• get the seed
• learn of Lavos
• get the bike key
• rest

Given the weather conditions of the future we can assume Crono's party likely dealt with many hardships as they crossed the land.  Because of this I believe they were prone to wear out easily and would of course make less progress than if the conditions were nicer.  

Day Eight
  • go to Lab 32
• race Johnny
• go to Proto Dome
• find and repair Robo
• go to the Factory
• turn on the power
• fight R-Series
• repair Robo/rest
Notes none
Day Nine
  • visit the End of Time
• learn magic
• visit Medina
• meet Melchior
• fight Heckran
• return to Truce
• go to 600 AD
• visit the King
• rest

After hearing of the King's injuries and agreeing to help the Guardian knights, Crono would have likely spent the rest of the night in preparation for what he knew would be a decisive battle against an unknown enemy.  

Day Ten
  • get the jerky
• Zenan Bridge battle
• visit San Dorino
• rest

After taking part in one of their largest battles so far, Crono's team was probably tired after the battle with Ozzie's skeletal troops and as a result spent the remainder of the evening recovering in the town of San Dorino.

Day Eleven
  • meet Tata in Porre
• find Frog 
• rest

We are uncertain as the overworld map's scale in Chrono Trigger. Yet we know Porre lies on the farthest tip of the southern Zenan continent.  As a result I imagine it would have taken the majority of the day to traverse such a distance so not a lot else was accomplished.

Day Twelve
  • climb the Denadoro Mts.
• fight Masa & Mune
• retrieve Masamune part
• visit Frog
• rest
Notes none
Day Thirteen
  • travel to Melchior's house

Here again Crono must travel great distances (presumably on foot).  This time not only must he travel the southern continent, but also the northern one. From there he would need to make several leaps through time before arriving in Medina and finally reaching Melchior's house outside of town.  He undoubtedly took several breaks along the way and thus further increased the time it took to arrive at his destination.

Day Fourteen
  • go to 65 million BC
• arrive in the Mystic Mts.
• meet Ayla 
• explore the village
• feast that night

After meeting Ayla, Crono was welcomed as a guest and remained in the village as such until nightfall. He probably spent much of the day recovering and getting acquainted with the people.

Day Fifteen
  • lose the Gate Key
• find Kino in Forest Maze
• go to Reptite Lair
• fight Nizbel
• retrieve Gate Key 
• return to 1000 AD
• see Melchior
• repair Masamune
• rest
Notes none
Day Sixteen
  • travel to Porre
• visit Frog
• rest
Notes Again, travelling occupies much of the day.
Day Seventeen
  • go through the Magic Cave
• enter Magus' Castle
• fight Slash/Flea/Ozzie
• fight Magus
• get pulled into massive Gate

The team likely trekked from Frog's home to the Magic Cave all day and arrived near sunset. It was already dark when they arrived at Magus' Castle, so the remainder of the night was spent infiltrating it and locating Magus.

Day Eighteen
  • wake up in 65 million BC
• find Ayla in Laruba Village
• go to Dactyl Nest
• fly to Tyrano Lair
• fight Nizbel II
• fight Azala/Black Tyrano
• escape as Lavos falls
• enter gate to 12,000 BC
• rest 

Upon arriving in a new era, Crono's team saw the the fierce winds of the blizzard brewing outside and likely spent the rest of the evening huddled in the cave whilst making plans for the next day.

Day Nineteen
  • use Skyway
• explore Enhasa
• recover 

We don't know how far the Skyway was from Crono's point of arrival, but the snow severely impeded his progress, I'm sure.  Upon arriving in Enhasa he was likely drained of all energy and spent the remainder of the day warming up and recovering.  

Day Twenty
  • visit Kajar/Blackbird
• visit Zeal Palace
• fight the Golem
• become prisoners
• get rescued by Schala
• sent back into Gate
• Prophet seals the Gate
• return to Ioka Village
• rest
Notes none
Day Twenty-One
  • travel to 2300 AD
• make way to Sewer Access
• fight Sir Krawlie
• go to Keeper's Dome
• receive the Epoch
• go to 12,000 BC
• visit Algetty
• rest

Knowing that they must climb the dreadful Mountain of Woe the next day, the team would be wise to spend the night at the base of the mountain gathering information and supplies from those who live there.

Day Twenty-Two
  • climb Mt. Woe
• fight Giga Gaia
• save Melchior
• rest
Notes none
Day Twenty-Three
  •Dalton takes Schala
• return to Zeal
• fight Dalton
• enter Ocean Palace
• fight Lavos
• Crono dies
• Kingdom of Zeal falls
• team transported to safety
Notes none
Day Twenty-Four
  • rest/gather thoughts

Considering they had witnessed the death of their friend, the destruction of an entire kingdom, and global flooding, one can understand why the team would need a day (at the very least) to gather their thoughts and emotions.

Day Twenty-Five
  • get captured by Dalton
• explore the Blackbird
• fight Dalton
• retrieve the Epoch
• Blackbird Crashes
• visit West Cape
• meet Magus
Notes none
Day Twenty-Six
  • Black Omen rises
• talk to Gaspar
• receive the Time Egg
• receive the Crono clone
• talk to Belthasar
• rest

Not wishing to confront the perils of the Black Omen at once, the team decides to heed Magus' advice and seek out the Guru of Time. They then get the preparations in order and rest until the next day when they would scale Death Peak.

Day Twenty-Seven -- Thirty-One
  • climb Death Peak
• fight Lavos Spawn
• retrieve Crono
• rest

Unfortunately we do not know the elevation of Death Peak.  By all outward appearances, I would speculate the mountain to be at least 12,000 ft high. Clearly this is not a hike that could be completed in a day, especially when we consider the party is made up of a group not skilled in mountain climbing.  The team likely took refuge in the caves and only made progress when the winds died down.  Not to mention it is difficult to make progress in deep snow.  For these reasons I estimate that it would have taken at least five days for the group to arrive at the summit.

Day Thirty-Two
  • Defeat Son of Sun
• restore Sunstone's energy
• Lucca makes Wondershot

With their team re-assembled and their goal in sight, Crono and his friends easily undertake short missions to further strengthen themselves and wrap up any loose ends.

Day Thirty-Three
  • Infiltrate Ozzie's Fort
Notes none
Day Thirty-Four
  • repair Northern Ruins
• power up the Masamune
Notes none
Day Thirty-Five
  • enter Geno Dome
• fight Atropos XR
• fight the Mother Brain
Notes none
Day Thirty-Six
  • enter the Sunken Desert
• fight Retinite
• leave Robo in Fiona's care
• retrieve Robo in 1000 AD
• forest discussion of the Entity
• Lucca saves her mother
Notes none
Day Thirty-Seven
  • explore Giant's Claw
• defeat Rust Tyrano
• find the Rainbow Shell
• return to Guardia (600 AD)
Notes none
Day Thirty-Eight
  • find King Guardia XXXIII on trial
• find Rainbow Shell in basement
• fight Yakra XIII
Notes none
Day Thirty-Nine
  • enter the Black Omen (12,000 BC)
• defeat Queen Zeal
• retreat to the End of Time

After fighting many fierce battles against the Queen's toughest troops, Crono undoubtedly chose to recover at the End of Time before the final confrontation with Lavos.  Only a fool would rush to defeat the world's destroyer after already being severely weakened by an array of deadly enemies.

Day Forty
  • make final preparations
• fight Lavos
• return to Guardia (1000 AD)
• last night of the fair
• characters return home
Notes none

An important overall note: It is hard to judge the size of the Zenan continent.  If it is meant to equal our world's North America in area then it should be fairly obvious Crono required many weeks to traverse it.  Instead, I think it is much smaller, as local events changed little as the group crossed the plains. For example, it must have been well over 30 miles between Porre and San Dorino.  Without the aide of any vehicles the trip would have taken at least a day.  As noted, Day Thirteen presents a problem as it is nearly impossible to gauge how far the team could realistically travel in one day. As a compromise I have dedicated the full day to the group's travels, as well as many other occasions where the trip to Porre occupies much of the day's agenda.  

Keep in mind that throughout this journey Crono's team must have taken many breaks and required many days to recover, considering how much travel was involved and the difficulty of the enemies.  For instance, I would imagine the group took several days to re-organize themselves after the harsh trek that was Death Peak.  This chart is meant to show what story events could be accomplished per day, but does not account for rest/training days in between.  So take this information with a grain of salt as it is still just a rough outline.  From this I believe the quest required at least 40 days, but with delays and rest stops I imagine it to have taken slightly over two months (60 days).

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