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Chart of Dimensional Differences

The following charts will attempt to list the major differences between the two dimensions of Chrono Cross. Do note that minor details such as changes in a town or building's decor often will not be noted simply because there would just be too much to list. I've made my best effort to note them all, but if I've missed any changes that would be worth including please don't hesitate to bring them to my attention. Differences are broken down by region, so please select an area to jump to.




Arni Village



El Nido (north)


main island (north)

El Nido (south)


main island (south)


General Differences

Home World

Another World


Serge is alive

Serge is dead

Dead Sea has formed

Sea of Eden exists

FATE no longer functions

FATE still functions

Viper/Lynx/dragoons vanished

Viper/Lynx/dragoons still active

dragons: Earth, Green, Water

dragons: Red, Black, Sky

Arni Village

Home World

Another World


Radius is chief

Gonji is chief

komodo dragon scale necklaces are in style

rainbow shell bracelets are in style

Kiki's father became a fisherman

Kiki's father worships Mojo

Kiki has a pet Komodo, Celine

Kiki does not have Celine

Arni's restaurant is Belcha's Kitchen

Arni's restaurant is Café Fleur

Belcha is present to run his restaurant

Belcha is travelling to learn cooking techniques;
his wife runs the restaurant

dingoes are pets in the restaurant

cats are pets in the restaurant

waitress writes a book of poetry

waitress gave up writing poetry

Serge lives with his mother, Marge

Marge died; a man lives in her old house

Poshul is present

Poshul left on an adventure

Toma XIV is hired as a gardener

Toma XIV is exploring elsewhere

El Nido's seas (north)

Home World

Another World


Fargo has cruise ship S.S. Zelbess

Fargo has pirate ship S.S. Invincible

demi-humans are enslaved on ship

demi-humans inhabit Marbule

Solt and Peppor work on the Zelbess

Solt and Peppor are dragoons

Earth Dragon Isle covered in sand;
Earth Dragon lives there

Earth Dragon Isle is barren;
Criosphynx lives there

Hermit's Hideaway is intact

Hermit's Hideaway burned by Harle

hideaway is currently uninhabited

Radius lives at the hideaway

El Nido's seas (south)

Home World

Another World


Starky's UFO broke into star fragments

Starky's UFO still intact and functioning

Starky resides on Sky Dragon Isle

Sky Dragon resides on Sky Dragon Isle

Marbule infested with dream spirits

Marbule home to angry demi-humans;
Black Dragon is sleeping

Water Dragon Isle is full of water;
home to Water Dragon

Water Dragon Isle is barren and dry;
explorers investigate the island

Faries killed by dwarves/lagoonates

Fairies live in peace

Leah lives on Gaea's Navel;
Green Dragon rests there

Leah's whereabouts unknown


Home World

Another World


Direa has died

Direa is high priestess

Steena is high priestess

Steena is an apprentice

Orcha works in the bar

Orlha works in the bar;
Orcha is in Viper Manor

Dragon Tear is still in village

Dragon Tear stolen and taken to Viper Manor

Tia is sick in the clinic

Tia's whereabouts are unknown


Home World

Another World


Van is poor

Van is wealthy

Zappa closed his shop

Zappa continues to work

Skelly taken away by Porre military

Skelly left to join the circus

griffon statue placed in town center

Viper's statue remains standing

Annie likes Paul

Annie likes John

Einlanzer memorial rusts

Einlanzer memorial never rusts

old woman maintains the shrines

Greco and Romana maintain the shrines

Porre occupies the town

General Viper still governs the town

Viper Festival is cancelled

Viper Festival celebrates its 100th anniversary

Nikki's ship is not present

Nikki's ship is docked for the festival

Pierre is not present

Pierre rents a room from Zappa

Guile is not present

Guile relaxes at the Dragon's Tail bar

Lisa's father is mushroom hunting in the forest

Lisa's father relaxes in the backroom of the shop

main island (north)

Home World

Another World


Viper Manor is in ruins;
later becomes an orphanage

Viper Manor is intact

Norris is investigating the manor

Norris works undercover in manor's kitchen

Dario is alive on Forbidden Island

Dario was killed at Isle of the Damned

main island (south)

Home World

Another World


Opassa Beach is open

Opassa Beach is closed

a single hydra still lives in Hydra Marshes

hydras have been hunted to extinction

Hydra Marshes are clean

Hydra Marshes are polluted and poisonous

no explorers in the marshes

an exploration team investigates the marshes

dwarves live in the marshes

dwarves have vacated the marshes

Porre soldiers investigate Fossil Valley

Acacia Dragoons conduct investigations in the valley

Fort Dragonia's incubators function

Fort Dragonia's incubators are broken

no forging alters are present atop the falls

two alters exist in the cave atop Divine Dragon Falls

inscription on Cape Howl shows love message

inscription on Cape Howl serves as Serge's grave

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