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In recent weeks there has been a growing demand for the codes which allow access to areas not seen in the final version of Chrono Trigger. Here is a short FAQ detailing the process for getting to some of these remote places. Note that this text corresponds to the Chrono Trigger beta release, not the retail version. Also note that it should not matter which emulator you are using to play the beta version. For my screen captures I used ZSNES v1.36 for Windows. Therefore the instructions given here will use the commands and terminology for that emulator.

Please do not ask where the beta ROM can be obtained. I found mine in late 2002 by following the instructions given in a post on a Chrono Trigger message board. I no longer know the site I found the ROM at but it couldn't hurt to ask around various sites as I'm sure someone may know of it. Also I am hesitant to upload the ROM to my site seeing as though they are somewhat illegal, so don't anticipate it being found here anytime soon.

A .txt version of this FAQ can be found here for easy printing.


You will need:

Super Nintendo emulator
Chrono Trigger Beta/Pre-release ROM
Chrono Trigger save-state editor
Chrono Trigger save-states
100+ codes


How to enter a code:

Load ZSNES and open CT Beta ROM
When the pendulum begins to swing push Esc
Select "Cheat" from the menu
Select "Add Code"
In the space provided, add your code(s)
Push ADD so the code is added and is listed as being "ON"
To turn the code off, push "Toggle"
In most cases you will need both the "walk thru walls" and "warp area" code to explore an area


There are the two codes you will need:

Walk through walls code: FF68-740D
(must include the hyphen)
Can be entered/turned on/off at any time

Warp code: 7E0100##
(must be entered at pendulum screen)
The ## must be replaced with two numbers: (00, 01, 02, 03.... 45, 46, 47.... 88, 89, 90, etc)
Each set of numbers takes you to a new area

For example, to access Singing Mountain enter 7E010042 as your code.

After a code has been entered once you can simply go to "Cheat" and go to BROWSE to turn it ON/OFF as needed rather than re-enter it again


After you have entered your code at the pendulum screen, press Esc to go back to the game.
Push "enter" (or whatever you assigned the Start button to) to begin the game.
If the code was entered correctly you will be warped to a specific part of the game.
In most cases Crono will not appear on screen.
Enable "walk through walls" code.

Move the directional buttons around until Crono comes into view. Usually he is way off in the corner or down out of sight. It may take 20+ seconds of running in the right direction to make him show up. Sometimes opening up the status menu helps. Sometimes it doesn't. If after awhile Crono doesn't show up, try moving in another direction for awhile until he appears. Be patient and eventually he will appear.

Once he is on screen, move him to the center of the floor.
Disable "walk thru walls" code.
Disable "warp" code also.
Now you can freely move him about and enter/exit rooms.
         - sometimes entering a new room will reset the game. Don't worry, it's supposed to be that way.
Once you are done exploring an area enable the "warp" code again that you used to get to this area.
Push Esc, and then "RESET" - this will take you to a second area.
Disable your codes again to explore this place.
Once you are done with the second area make sure your warp code is disabled.
Press RESET.
You appear back at the pendulum screen.

Each code allows you to go to two areas - the main one you start off in, and a second if you die or press RESET. A lot of times an area will just be an empty field so don't waste too much time exploring it. To return to the main title screen all warp codes must be disabled. Pressing RESET with the warp code still ON will return you to the second area that code pertains too. At the pendulum screen don't have TWO warp codes on! That's just silly! Always make sure you just have one warp code enabled.



*game starts*
*pendulum swings*
Press Esc
Select CHEAT
Enter the code: 7E010080
Enter the code: FF68-740D (walk thru walls)
Make sure both have been entered and are turned ON
Press Esc twice to return to the pendulum
Press START/ENTER to begin game
Earthbound Cave should appear
Hold the run button and press down/right until Crono appears on the screen
Move him into the center of the floor
Press Esc, and go to CHEAT
Toggle both codes to OFF
Press Esc to return to the game
Briefly explore the rooms
When finished, enable code 7E010080 again
Press Esc once, and then go to RESET
You will appear in the Geno Dome now
Enable your walk thru walls code by going to CHEAT, BROWSE, and TOGGLE it ON
Press down/right until Crono appears on screen
Center him in the floor and disable BOTH codes
Go south to explore Geno Dome
Go north and a glitch will "blow" you outside to Death Peak
Explore this area if you choose, or press RESET to go to pendulum screen and enter a new code
(NOTE: Keeper's Dome has interesting new music)
Repeat this whole process for codes 7E010000 through 7E010099


Accessing AD 1999:

There are really two ways to go about getting to the 1999 world map. Once requires a code and the other a save-state editor. Both methods are outlined here.

Code Method: 7E0100F#

This code will work on both the beta version and the Japanese/English retail releases of Chrono Trigger. Enter 7E0100F7 as your code and you will be transported to a green screen. If you are on the beta version you'll need to disable background layer three (press the 3 key) for a better picture. This isn't necessary for either retail version. Spend some time walking around the green area and eventually Crono will come to the the only landmasses of 1999 that were programmed into the game. Crono can walk on dark blue ocean water and certain points of the continents.

Other codes can also be entered to access other time period maps. Just replace the final number in the previous code with any number from 0-7. However most of these will be ineffective as you won't be able to walk around on them considering Crono is frozen in place. One that does work, however, is 7E0100F5 which will take you to the floating Zeal landmasses. Do as before and maneuver Crono until the land comes into sight.

Save-state Method:

This method will only work in the beta release of the game, not the retail version. That said, the beta does not grant access to 1999 through any Gate, so the Epoch must be used. Unfortunately the demos in the beta end before one can acquire the Epoch. Because of this a save-state editor must be used to artificially place the Epoch on the world map. Even after a save-state has been edited to include the Epoch you must first enter a building and immediately exit it before the ship will appear. Note that the editor I reference here can be used to alter the Japanese and American retail version save-states to change character stats and so forth (just not for getting to 1999).

The necessary editor can be found here. Do note that I did not write this editor nor did I have any part in its creation. I would properly credit those who did if only I knew who they are. As the site I originally found this program on is no longer active I am therefore providing it here.


Three save files come with CT Beta
At the pendulum screen press Start/enter like you would a normal game
Select the second save file
You should appear between Lab 32 and Proto Dome
Make a quick save-state and make sure you remember what number it saves as (the default is 0 actually)
Close the ROM
Open your CT save-state editor
Select Load and find the save state you just made
Look to the right corner that discusses the Epoch
Switch the button to ON
Go to File and SAVE
This will put the epoch in the future with you
Open the ROM again
Open the save state you just altered (remember the number)
No Epoch! Don't worry!
Go left to Lab 32 and enter it.
See the jet bike? Ignore it.
Go back outside
There's the Epoch!
Hop in! Go for a cruise!

The screen with be covered with a green grid filter which can be removed by disabling background layer three (press the 3 key). Note that when I originally toyed around with these codes in late 2002 I seem to recall the game freezing when traveling to either 1999 or the End of Time. More recently though I've found the Epoch can handle the trip just fine and the areas are open to exploration, despite the lack of content. I'm unsure of what affects this so ideas are welcome. In either case these are the only known ways to travel to 1999 and actually be able to explore the continents as far as I can tell.


The Chrono Trigger save-state editor may be hard to get working if you don't have the right .DLL and .OCX files. It took me nearly two hours to find them, so hopefully you will have them. If not please run a search for them or ask for assistance on a computer message board as I am not familiar with the workings of such files.


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